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We have 3 room sizes: 4x8ft, 5x7ft, 4x5ft, all are 8ft tall.

Each cat boarding room has everything your cats will need during their stay!  

 Each room includes

Window With a View  // Scratching Post // Comfy Beds  // Climbing Shelves  // Fun Toys  // Cubby Hole  // 

 Each day includes

Individual Time In Play Room  // One-on-One Attention // Room Service-food, treats, water  // Housekeeping-litter scooped 2x, cleaning  // Year-round climate control

 Each stay includes

One+ Photo Update Via Email  // Bi-Weekly Update (long-term stays)  // Personalized Care  // 


Daily Rates
(2024 rates listed below begin 4/1/2024)
$26- 1 cat  // $31- 2 cats  // $36- 3 cats   
Daily rates are per room and start the day you drop off.  No charge for day of pick up if picked up by 11am.  Prices subject to NYS sales tax. 
Large rooms are first come first serve with long-term (monthly) stays having first priority.
Please see our Long-Term page for further information on stays over 1 month.
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