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Long-Term (Monthly) Cat Care

Camp Whiskers offers long-term cat care for those who need extended stays.  We define long-term cat boarding as one month or longer.

We frequently board cats when owners are relocating out of state, active duty military, working abroad or those who are in between selling/purchasing houses.  We do everything we can to lessen the stress of the owners and the cats during your time of transition. 

Our rates are all inclusive and include everything they will need for routine care while here:

spacious 5x8 room with window

daily individual access to large playroom

dry house brand food

one can of wet food per day per cat (upon request)

natural pine litter

fresh water


all the love and attention they desire

Owners remain responsible for any and all costs associated with veterinary care and professional grooming, when needed.

There is a $30 per cat vet transport fee for any requested vet visits.

We offer door to door and part-way transport service for long-term customers.  

Please contact us with your location so we can discuss specific transport needs.

All cats must be spayed/neutered and have proof of current vaccines:


FVRCP (distemper)


Below are our Long-Term Reservation Form and Contract.  Once we receive a completed copy, along with a copy of veterinary records, we can hold a large room for you.  

Reservation Form
(long-term stays)

Monthly Rates

1st month rate:
$660- 1 cat  // $690- 2 cats  // $720- 3 cats    
2nd month rate (and beyond):
$630- 1 cat  // $660- 2 cats  // $690- 3 cats    
Monthly rates are per room (up to 3 cats in the same family per room) and include NYS sales tax.  Discounted monthly rates require a minimum 28 day stay (no exceptions).  1st month rate covers the first 30 days, then price drops to the 2nd month rate and continues at that rate for all future months of continuous boarding.
Monthly stays are billed in advance (i.g. rent) with first month's payment due at drop off and future
payments due every 30 days thereafter.  Refunds are given for any unused days past the first month. 

What can I expect with long-term cat care?

Camp Whiskers offers an all inclusive boarding experience for our long-term boarding cats.  Reservations can be open ended, extended at anytime or booked for a set amount of time.  When inquiring, please let us know the reason for boarding long-term as this helps us determine availability and suitability for our long-term program. 

We stay connected through bi-weekly photo updates via email.  Every two weeks we send photos and will always oblige requests for more.

Our rates include our house food (a wheat, soy, corn free dry food) and natural pine litter.  

Special diets or prescription diets are welcomed to be delivered directly to us or brought with at time of drop off.  We recommend or

Billing is done through PayPal Invoices.  Each month an invoice will be sent via email and can be paid with any major credit card (no PayPal account required).

We use our personal veterinarian, when available, for our clients' cats and can offer a referral if desired.


We frequently add new treats, catnip and toys to their rooms so they never get bored.  We make sure the cats have a lot of one on one time with us plus individual time out in our large play room (12x28 ft.) each day.  Each family also rotates having their door open for a full night out in the main play room!


We have 5 larger rooms designated for long-term cat families.  Each private room has a window with a beautiful country view of fields, trees and chickens.  Your cats will never be overcrowded with other cats or strangers due to our smaller size compared to typical kennels.  We live on-site and specialize in long-term cat boarding which keeps the number of cats cycling in and out to a minimum.  

Your cats are treated like our own while they are here!

Stay extra connected with us and see more photos by following our social media pages!

Page updated 10/2019

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