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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I make a reservation?


You can call us (716.575.7086) or write us an email with the dates you need so we can check availability. You will need to fill out our reservation form (found on our reservations page) and send in proof of vaccines to us ahead of time.  Rooms will only be guaranteed once paperwork is submitted and approved.


What about appointments?


All pick up and drop offs are by appointment only.   

You may schedule an appointment: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday 8am-10am. We do not take appointments after hours.  We are closed for appointments on all major holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day.  Tours for new clients are currently suspended (2023).  Please inquire for more photos, if desired, or see our FB/Instagram pages.  


How and when do I pay?


Prices are found under the Rooms tab.

We accept cash, credit and personal checks.  For those boarding less than 14 days, payment is due upon pick up. For those staying 15-29 days, payment is due in advance, on day of drop off.

For those paying a monthly fee (long term boarders), payment for the first month is due at time of drop off. Scheduled monthly payments will be made (via PayPal) every 30 days thereafter for each month your cat will be staying with us. After the first month, you will be reimbursed for any days that you do not use (your last month must be pre-payed, balances can not be carried and paid at pick up).


Where are you?


We are located in Eden, NY 14057.  30 minutes south of Buffalo, NY and 8 minutes from the village of Hamburg.  Due to us living on-site, our address is only given to those with appointments.  


What veterinary records do you need?


We require current rabies and distemper (FVRCP) vaccines for all cats.  All cats are required to be spayed/neutered.  If fleas are found on your cat, Advantage will be applied at a cost of $10. 

All cats must be free of fleas and internal parasites.  


What should I bring?


Bring enough food for your cat’s entire stay (long-term customers, please contact us). You are welcome to bring - clean bed/blanket, small toys, treats.  We have everything your cat will need and you do not have to bring any personal belongings if you wish not to.  Please do not bring litter boxes, litter or furniture.


Will my cats interact with other cats?


Cats are never let out of their rooms with cats from other families.  They can see other cats through their doors.  



What cats do you not accept?


We do not board cats that require injections, more than 2 oral and/or topical medications, or new client cats 14 or older with health concerns.  If your cat has been diagnosed with a major illness (i.e. kidney failure, lymphoma, etc.) we recommend boarding with your veterinarian or we can recommend a local vet-based boarding facility.  We do not accept feral cats that are not accustomed to human contact. 

Do you offer transport?


We offer door to door and part-way transport assistance for long-term customers only (stays of 1 month or longer).  This includes pick up from the Buffalo International Airport for cats flying to us.  Please contact us with your location so we can discuss your specific needs and provide a quote for transport.

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